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I am delighted to announce The Planning Inspectorate has allowed the appeal against refusal of our Tadley Planning Application.

The outstanding levels of public support have no doubt played a significant part in achieving this decision. I would like to sincerely thank all the local residents who have voiced their support for our proposals and we look forward to delivering this new store for Tadley at the earliest opportunity.

Once again many thanks and we will keep the community updated on progress.

James Mitchell
Regional Head of Property

Update (June 2021) – Hearing Scheduled as Virtual Event


Opening on Wednesday 7th July 2021, at 10:00



Appeal by Lidl Great Britain Ltd relating to the application to West Berkshire District Council for ‘Construction of Class A1 foodstore with associated car parking, access and landscaping’, at Land off Aldermaston Road, Tadley, Berkshire, RG26 3XJ

An Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will hold a Hearing opening on the date shown above to decide the appeal. The Hearing will be held as a virtual event run by an Inspector in the normal way, but with the parties invited to join via Microsoft Teams or telephone.

Documents relating to the appeal can be viewed on the Council website (application ref: 19/01063/COMIND). Anyone wishing to attend the Hearing must make that interest known to the Planning Inspectorate Case Officer as soon as possible prior to the Hearing, either by email or telephone after reading the Hearing Attendance Information set out below. When contacting the Case Officer, it would be helpful if you could confirm whether you want to take an active part in the proceedings or attend only as an observer (see below).

Hearing Attendance Information

Before deciding whether to take an active part in the Hearing, you need to think carefully about the points you wish to make. All written submissions from application and appeal stage will be taken into account by the Inspector. Re-stating the same points won’t add any additional weight to them.

If you feel that taking part in the Hearing is right for you in whatever capacity, you can participate in a number of ways:

To take part using video, participants will need to have access to Microsoft Teams (via an app or web browser). This link gives further information:  Alternatively you can take part by telephone. Calls would be to an 020 number which will incur charges:

If you just wish to observe the event, you should make that clear in your response to the Case Officer.

If you wish to take an active part in the proceedings, please make clear in your response whether you wish only to appear at the Hearing and make a statement or whether you would also wish to ask questions on particular topics.

If you want to take an active part but feel unable to for any reason, and/or the points you want to make are not covered in the evidence of others, consider whether someone else could raise them on your behalf.

Registered participants, in whatever capacity, will receive individual joining instructions, providing details of any requirements, guidance and support, whether joining by Teams or telephone. You should note that the event may be recorded by the Planning Inspectorate for training and quality assurance purposes.

Planning Inspectorate Reference:

Case Officer contact at the Planning Inspectorate:
Rachel Owen; Tel: 0303 444 5467; Email:

Update (April 2021) – Lidl submit appeal

Following the refusal of our Planning Application 19/01063/COMIND by West Berkshire District Council on the 8th of July 2020, for our Proposed new Lidl Food store in Tadley, we have now submitted an appeal which has been validated by the Planning Inspectorate.  If you would like to submit representation to the Planning Inspectorate in the form of a letter or e-mail, please can you do so using the below details.  Please make sure you include the full appeal reference number in your letter or e-mail.

  • Rachel Owen, Planning Inspectorate, 3E Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN.
  • Appeal ref. APP/W0340/W/20/3265942 – Lidl Tadley

Update (June 2020) – West Berkshire District Planning Meeting

Following consultation with West Berkshire Council our foodstore application will now be heard at the District Planning Committee Meeting on Wednesday 8th July 2020.

Update (May 2020) – West Berkshire District Planning Committee Meeting

This notice is to inform you that due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic there has been a delay in our application being heard at the District Planning Committee meeting.

We await further feedback from West Berkshire Council as to when the next meeting date is possible, at which point we will communicate this accordingly.