The Site

The Site

The application site is 2.12 acres in size and located at the junction of Silchester Road and Aldermaston Road on the northern edge of Tadley.

The site is open space currently undeveloped, comprising a grassed field with areas of scrubs and trees. An ecological survey has assessed the land as having limited biodiversity value, with the possible exception of the hedgerows along the western and southern boundaries which are native species: the development proposes to keep the loss of any of these hedges to a minimum, with 5 metre landscape buffers along both of these boundaries. There will also be additional landscape buffers incorporated along the northern and eastern boundaries to ensure the store blends into the surrounding environment.

The proposed store will be well placed to serve local residents in Tadley, Baughurst, Pamber Heath and Silchester, as well as employees at the AWE complex who may live further away.

At present local food shopping is largely limited to the Sainsbury’s superstore in Tadley, and a small Co-op on Franklin Avenue. After that the nearest large stores, and deep discount stores, are ones in Basingstoke, Newbury and Reading. The proposed Lidl will therefore provide increased choice and competition for local shoppers.

Site Location Plan

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Lidl Tadley – Site Location Plan