Traffic Impact

Traffic Impact

The traffic generation of a Lidl foodstore is minimal compared to a mainstream food retailer.

As part of the planning application a detailed Transport Assessment has been undertaken to establish the capacity of the surrounding road network and assess the effect of the proposed development.

The site is located on the edge of Tadley District Centre and we expect that a significant proportion of the new store’s customers will be people who currently shop at the Sainsbury’s store. That being the case, in terms of traffic generation there is not expected to be a significant change in travel patterns. It is estimated that around 34% or less of vehicular trips to the new store will be new to the local highway network, with linked, pass-by and transferred/diverted trips associated with cars that already utilise local highways making up the majority of trips to the proposed foodstore.

At present the nearest Limited Assortment Discount foodstores are located in Basingstoke, Newbury and Reading, which means local residents are having to travel some distance if they wish to access what is an increasingly popular retail format. The proposed Lidl in Tadley will therefore reduce the need to travel and shorten vehicle mileage.

It is important to recognise that discount foodstores only stock around 2,000 products and have a comparatively lower turnover per annum. In contrast, a major supermarket such as Sainsbury’s or Tesco Extra could stock more than 30,000 products and have a much higher turnover. Accordingly, the traffic generation of a discount foodstore is extremely low in comparison.